Gratitude, Confidence, Courage, Positive Mindset, Empathy, Kindness, Love are superfood for our physical, emotional and social wellbeing. And we can help our children wire their brains for a powerful growth mindset, open their hearts to form long lasting friendship, and to move towards success. This is the goal of our youth club. 

BlueBox FRIENDS is a membership club for youths of 7-15 years old and is packed with fun activities such as the following, and is scheduled for Q1 2021.

We are now recruiting tutors who are positive thinking, passionate and patient in working with children, and are skilled at one or more of the following areas to work with us :

F – fun math club (helps build money/finance/entrepreneur skills)

R – read-together book club

I – infinite games club (e.g. memories games/activities, magic/card games, language games, tech versions of board games, etc)

E – eat-my-brain-food cooking club (cooking classes using super brain foods as main ingredients)

N – NerdX2 club (learn social skills, team collaboration, how to lose and infinite games mindset through playing computer games in teams)

D – draw-with-me club (arts and crafts, food art, fashion design, knitting, 3D printing, AR/VR, etc)

S – storytelling club (teach imagination, creativity, memory and creative writing skills)

If you are interested to work as tutors, or to join as BlueBox FRIENDS, please register your interested now.

Bernie Hung

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